Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

I'm like a Bird

I'm like a bird. Just flying through the sky. Just know going faraway. But all of that, just makes me so tired.

I'm searching for a place. Where makes me feel comfort and want to stay forever. Without cut my wings. Without tied me so tight. Without take all my freedom n pride. Without stole my dreams.

I'm dreaming of a place where i still could fly higher than the sky. I could breath and free. I could be myself. And i still could have a dream.

Where are you? Are you hiding? Are you running? I want to find you. But i don't know where and how. In my dreams, you are a place that i'm searching for. And can't change even after years. Even after i try to runaway and look for the others way. But after a moment, it's all back to the past years.

I'm sorry if i still can't forget u. I'm sorry if i miss u, i need u, i luv u. My bestfriend, my luv. Part of my soul. "You have be a part of my heart"

Makassar, 6 Juni 2010
*barbie yg kena gejala insomnia dan tiba2 mellow bin lebay*

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