Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

Finally, I Found You

Finally, you found me. After long journey n so many place that i've visited. After years i've searched. With so many tears, pain, laugh, smile and everything. Finally, i found you.

You give me a warm place to stay. That's makes me comfort. Without stole my dreams and myself. Even i'm still not sure whether this is real or not. Whether this is true or not. Is it just my imagination? Is it just my dream? I'm still not sure. But we never know what will happen at the future, right?

But i know something i feel inside is so real. And i could trust you. Even you are not the first. I wish, you'll be the last. End of my journey. A place that i've searching for. For whole of my life. A place where i could stay forever. A place that i could say 'home'.

Thanks for loving me, my dear.
For you, a thousands times more.

Makassar, June 18th 2010

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