Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Angel and Demon

You're sweet, i like so many flavours.
You're white, i'm a million of colours.
You're cool, i could change my temperature.
You're calm, i can't keep my mouth n act n going over.

You're quiet, i love an adventure.
You're shy, i've too many confidence. Maybe over.
You're good, not bad. i'm in between.

You're straight, i'm so flexible.
You're not expressive, i'm over expressive.
You’re soft, I’m hard and thougher.
If u're an angel, i'm not a demon nor an angel.

We've so many differences. Basic, environment, live, world and way to enjoy and have a meaning of life. But we're same. We're the dreamer. I love you because your dream. Because you are you. Because of that, i wouldn't make my self as your burden. Because love isn't a burden. Love isn't a possesion. Love isn't an attention or tendention. Love just know how to give without any reason, exception or explanation. Because love is a gift from the God for human heart. to makes live more beautiful. I want to loving because of God. So there is will be no “burden”. 

i'll continue and enjoy my life. There's so many things i could and i must do to reach my own dreams.

Beauty in diversity..

Sepinggan Airport of Balikpapan, 4 December 2010

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