Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Welcome December

This November rain will be end. When the rainbow came? Will the sun smile tomorrow? Or November rain will be replaced with a cold December? I'm waiting for the spring came.. 

My November will be closed soon this year. Leave everything behind. There's no December before November end. There's never a start before the others end. Life is a start and over from one step to the others. And we must be a better person from one step to the next one.

I leave everything behind. It doesn't mean i forgot it all. I keep it as a memory and reference for a study. Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mysery, and today is a gift. Why we called it as 'a present'.

What i must do now is learning from the past. I want to re-born to be 'a better me'. I'll fight for a better future.
Keep fighting girl. Just believe that the God never leave you alone, even all the worlds gone.

Keep smilling and cheers. Chayoo!!

Welcome December.

Balikpapan, 30 November 2010

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