Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2009

My first day at Palangka

today is my first day at palangkaraya. i ever went to palangka before, but just for couple of days. and now, i must stay here for a long time. i don't know exactly until when. Until further notice. like usually happen at my office. when they told me i just stay at surabaya 2 week. in fact i stay there almost 1 years. and when they told me i stay at medan for 2 months. actually i stay at medan for 9 months. and now, when they told me i will stay at palangka until further notice. i couldn't expect until when i must stay here. it could be a week, a month, a year, or... thinking about that could drive me crazy.

palangka is a small city. if we want to use a "city" word. this city really different with a word "city" in my mind. since i was small, i live and grown in metropolitan city-jakarta-. so i usualy live in a crowd, life and *(ramai- what it say in english?? )*. this city just have 1 mall (a small one), with no 21 studio. no gramedia either. entertainment facility is a really rare here.

but this city have something interesting side. many times i heard and red that palangka ever planned to be Indonesia central of governmental (pusat pemerintahan- ibukota negara). almost all of people here still believes that rumour. since sekarno's era until now. it caused land price is really high (both for sale or rent). since my job related to the site- land acquisition, it could be a problem to my job. high land price not balance with actual condition of the city. what we must cover here? we must build more than 30 sites in this small city. with just 1 km distance from one site to another. many of my stes rejected due to high price. and we must reach RFC for 30 location 1 month again. it's need more work, more pray, more overtime. But, the worst is, company not give me approval for my OT. i works over time without paid. Kerja rodi.

It's my consequence to work here, in this company, in this industry. i just have 2 choice. Take it or leave it. not easy to decide to leave. since i still love number of salary that i get here :P so i still choice take it. for any reasons. and i must take every consequences of this. include must stay here until further notice. or until i get better than this one

Ery Chayoo!!

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