Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

The Lessons

Life is a never ending learning. Learn until our time will come.
Life is a all time struggle. Need much effort, decision and do it with all of your heart.

Life had told me so many things. Sometimes, life isn't easy at all. It give me laugh, tears, smile, hurt, happiness, loneliness, raise up, fall down, love, hate, friends, lover, enemy, etc.

Do just like you want others done to you

If you want to be loved. Loving others with all of your heart.
If you want to be respected. You must respect others with full of kindness.
If you want to be success. You need much effort to fight. Make sure it worthed enough.
If you want to be happy. Just feel happiness from your ownself. Because happiness not come from the outside, but heart.
If you want to be rich. Just enjoy and thx to the GOD for everything you get.

But never over done about everything. Because once you failed. Yo u wouldn't get down too much. There's an invisible hand called GOD and the destiny.

"There's no mistakes in life, just lessons"

A note for my self. An introspection.

Jakarta, 31 Oktober 2010

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