Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

When November Come

November has come. My birthday. But at a same time, my mom's passed away at this month, 23 years ago. When i was 6 years 6 days old. So, i can't celebrate my birthday with over happiness. Because it'll remind me about my loss.

This year i'll be 29 years old. What i already done in this age? What i already reached in this life? What happened in this 29 years? Do i already use the time in a right way? Or i'll regreted everything i've done? Do the life really gave me lessons? Do the lessons already makes me better & stronger? 

What's my dream? What's my goal? What, who & where i really want? How many effort i've done to reached it?
So many question in my mind. My brain can't stop working. My memories can't stop dancing. My heart can't stop beating. But still, i can't found the answer.

Do the time will give me the answer? Or the question will be vanished over the time? We can't stop the time. All we can do is wait and enjoy life with all of it's colours. Because life is beautifull. Just if you want to make it beautifull. Nothing is impossible, Just if you want to make it possible

Jakarta, 31 October 2010 (confused to be November 1st  )

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